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[必打] 火焰必达佛,龙婆多瓦巴卢清批佛寺,佛历2522

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Pidta Kanok Kang Luang Phor Toh Wat Praduchimplee BE2522. Nur Phong Bailan with 2 silver takrut, made 4,500 pieces only. Original condition and it contained LP's hairs. The consecration was done by placing the Phra Pidta amulets on the altar in the temple, amidst candles and by tying of Sai Sin (holy threads) between the holy candles and amulets. Upon an auspicious hour, the consecrated candles (Thian Chai) were lighted and Luang Phor Toh chanted over these Phra Pidta consecutively. The candles were tilted to let the candle wax drip on the Phra Pidta amulets so as to bless these Phra Pidta amulets with the “flames”. When the hot wax dripped on the Phra Pidta, the fire that dripped along were miraculously extinguished and the amulets did not catch fire. This was witnessed by many spectators and after the ceremony, Luang Phor Toh distributed these Phra Pidta amulets and blessed the people who now owned this batch of Pidta Kanok Kang. It comes with Samakom Authentic Certificate. Attached with brand new Gold Waterproof casing.


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