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Wat Salakruen Phra Pitda Jumbo Lang Yant Trinisinghe

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Phra Pitda Jumbo Lang Yant Trinisinghe
Stunning pitda amulet blessed by LP Toh, Wat Praduchimplee, in absolutely  mint condition
This Pra Pitda was created and blessed by Luang Phor Toh Wat Praduchimoplee in BE 2522. He was one of two senior monks who created this pim, the other being Luang Phor Utama.
This particular pim is known as Phra Pitda Jumbo Lang Yant Trinisinghe
These amulets are highly sought after and it is not often you wil see one in such perefect condition.
This series of amulets were blessed by many senior monks and the first of three sacred ceremonies was held on January 25th BE 2522 at Wat Rachpatumwanaram (Wat Tar-makam) where monks from nine provinces attended.
Karnchanaburi Province: Luang Phor Utama, Luang Phor Tiang, Luang Phor Ban, Luang Phor Kliang, Luang Phor Lum-yai, Luang Phor Nart and all abbots in the province.
Bangkok: Luang Poo Toh, Luang Por Bunnark, Luang Poo Jew, Luang Phor Tui
Singburi Province: Luang Phor Juan
Samutsakorn Province: Luang Phor Sud
Rachburi Province: Abbot of Wat Wung Manao
Nakorn Pathom Province: Abbot of Wat Raiking
Nontaburi Province: Luang Phor Mee
Angtong Province: Luang Phor Klai
Supanburi Province: Luang Phor Tira
The amulets were further blessed between January 26th, to February 2 B.E.2522, at Wat Rachpatumwanaram. Those in attendance were:
Luang Phor Utama, Luang Phor Tiang, Luang Phor Lek, Luang Phor Ban, Luang Phor Kliang, Luang Phor Lum-yai, Luang Phor Nart, Luang Phor Cham, Luang Phor Tui, Luang Phor Sud, Luang Phor Jew, Luang Phor Kee, Luang Phor Juan, Luang Por Tira, Luang Phor Krai, Prarach Punyaporn, Prakru Praditnavakarn and Luang Poo Toh.

Between 06.00 pm - 09.00 pm. on January 26th, B.E.2522, Luang Poo Toh and Luang Por Utama, joined to recite sacred spells in order to transfer power into the amulets.
Furthermore a sacred ceremony was held on February 3rd, B.E.2522, at Wat Salakruen.

Those in attendance were; Prarach Pun-yasuthi (HeadMonk of Karnchanaburi Province), Prakru Sopondharmarungsi (Vice Head Monks of Karnchanaburi Province), Pra Samuvichian (abbot of Wat Salakern), Luang Phor Utama (abbot of Wat Wunviwaykaram) and many other sacred monks.

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其實此尊必打的加持及背景是非常好的,除了LP TOH外,還有當時的大德高僧參與加持,而且供請金是相當平實,喜歡必打的師兄這尊是不錯的選擇。

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