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[圖片分享] 大寶法王噶瑪巴與摩根·弗里曼在《上帝的故事》中的訪談

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(內容由噶舉祈願辦事處譯錄, 歡迎分享 Recorded and translated by Kagyu Monlam Office,enjoy reading!)
[size=13.3333px]Morgan Freeman (摩根): You look kinda young for this station. 身居這樣的地位,您看上去太年輕了。
H.H. Karmapa (法王): Yes. 是的。
Morgan Freeman (摩根): So what is it like? I mean is it alright? 怎麼樣?還可以嗎?
H.H. Karmapa (法王): One way it's meaningful, one way it's a little bit heavy. People have a lot of expectations. 很有意義,同時也有些沈重。人們總是有很多期望。
Morgan Freeman (narration): The expectation is heavy for a thirty-year old man, the Karmapa must teach how to find enlightenment whilst still working to find it for himself.
Morgan Freeman (摩根):Enlightenment,how does one even begin to form that trial to attain it? 那麼如何開始證悟之路呢?
H.H. Karmapa (法王): wow 哇
Morgan Freeman (摩根): Big question isn't it? 有點大的題目是嗎?
H.H. Karmapa (法王): The first part is maybe you need to recognise yourself, like where are you from and why am I here? 首先你或許應該先認識你自己,比如你從哪裡來?我為什麼會在這裡?
Morgan Freeman (摩根): So I would like to get some instruction about enlightenment please.那麼請您教我一些證悟方法好嗎?
H.H. Karmapa (法王): I will try. 我試試
Morgan Freeman (narration): The Karmapa tells me meditation is the key to enlightenment, if the apocalypse is the revelation of the true will of God, meditation aims to reveal the true will of me.
H.H. Karmapa (法王): There are lots of different ways to meditate but the simple one is to focus on your breathing.有很多禪修的方法,簡單的是專注於自己的呼吸。
Morgan Freeman (摩根): Just the one I know.我剛好知道這種。
H.H. Karmapa (法王): Relax your mind and don't think about the future, at the moment just focus on your breathing and that is all.放輕鬆,不要思考未來,此刻,只是專注於你的呼吸。
(Meditation begins with the Karmapa's chant of The Refuge)
伴隨法王唱誦皈依文, 法王帶領弗雷曼開始禪修。
(Meditation ends) 禪修結束
Morgan Freeman (摩根): It's beautiful! Can I ask you a philosophical question? 很美妙!我可以請教您一個哲學問題嗎?
H.H. Karmapa (法王): Philosophical? I will try.哲學嗎?試試吧。
Morgan Freeman (摩根): It's about the westerners idea of the apocalypse, the end of time in being. Is there such a thing in Buddhism? When everything stops and the world comes to an end, and mankind is judged. 是西方關於世界末日,人類終結的觀點。佛教有這樣的看法嗎?一切都將停止,世界末日來臨,人類會被審判。
H.H. Karmapa (法王): We believe that everyday, somewhere one universe is ending and another one is beginning, but it's not like there is a judgement day, it's a little bit different.佛教認為每一天,某一䖏的宇宙都有結束也有新的開始,而不是認為有一個審判日,有一些不同。
Morgan Freeman (摩根): So actually what your saying is what I think is that there is no end only change, one thing ends another begins.所以我想您在說沒有結束只有改變,一個結束是另一個的開始。
H.H. Karmapa (法王): Yes, maybe there is no absolute ending. 是,沒有一個絕對的結束。
Morgan Freeman (ending narration): When you meet someone like His Holiness Kamarpa, I guess the thing that stands out the most is his humility, the Kamarpa doesn't give you the impression that, he thinks of himself as greater than you, higher than you or better in any way than you. He's here like the rest of us on this quest trying to understand why we're here, seeking to unveil the truth, seeking enlightenment.


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