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Bucha = give respect, pray
Dok Mai = flower
Dok Bua = Lotus
Kongkrapan Chatri= protection power
(Chatri is like when you get hit by something, the hard impact become softer)
Medta = Kindful, get Attractiveness from others

Wan = a plant, some kind of them has medical useful or even magic power.
Ya, Yar= medicine
Boon= Merit
Fai= Fire
Lom= Wind

Klong = canal
Had= sand beach
Sai= sand
Kaw, Kao= rice
Thung (Thung') = Bag
Thung (Thu'ng) = a field
Larn = a field
Setti = rich man
Jon = poor

Paeng = Talcum powder
Phong, Pong = powder
foon, fune=dust
Lar-Ead = fine grained
Yarp, Yarb= Rough grained
Hom= smell good
Men' = bad smell
Kun, Khun= high rank of the officer(ancient)
Nai Luang= his Majesty the king
Luang = royal

Phra = Buddha or Monk both Human and Statue
Yan, Yant = Sansakrit or Khmer letters write down to amulet or Gold, Silver, Bronze plate, mostly name of Buddhas or Khata
Khata= Mantra, Pray, Sacred or Holy word
Phi, Pee, Plai, Ply, Vinyarn= Ghost or Spirits
Pee= year
Pha'= clothe
Gumarn, Kumarn= Human fetus which early died in whoom
Rok, Roak= birth cord and bag that cover a human fetus
Rak, Lak= Natural gum from tree, color black or dark red, mostly apply before put Gold leaf on amulet
Hin =Stone
Mai = Wood, stick
Lek = Metal
Takua = Lead
Din= Clay, Earth
Din Phao= Baked Clay, Terracotta
Nuer= Mixture
Bart= Monk's Pot
Jeeworn, Jiworn= Monk's Robe, clothe
Nag, Nak= Naga, Big Snake
Palaylai = 1. name of forest in Buddha's story
               2. Buddha statue for Wednesday night, Buddha sitting with Monkey and Elephant offer Honeycomb and Banana
Samathi, Samadthi = 1. Meditation
                                2. Buddha Sitting flat on ground with crossed legs, both hand on center of Lap
Maravichai, Maravijaya = sub-doing position, Buddha image sitting wih one Hand on Knee
Leela = Walking Buddha
Nang= female, lady, married woman

Kes, Kesa = Hair
Luang Por = a monk
Luang Poo, Luang Ta = old monk
Pim = Mold
chuek =rope
Kaew, Keo = Glass
Khai= egg
Med= Spot, Dot
Kanok= one of Thai style art shape like "S"
Soros=16 (Bali word)
Bai Larn = A big dried plant leaf that can use as paper in Ancient time
Phong Bai Larn= Ashes of Bai Larn Book (Mostlty when old Bailarn Book like Phra Tri Tipika or Khata has damaged, they'll made a new copy with complete detail and then burn down the original one in order to prevent confustion of missing text.
Na = Face
Thevada,Thep, Dheva, Dhevada = Angel

Toh, Yai= Big
Toh, Toh'= table
Than, Tharn = big and solid monk's saddle, stage
Bundai, bandai = Ladder, step
Pid= close
Perd= open
Lok, Loak = the world
Phra Jan, Chan = Moon
Phra Arthit= Sun
Rien= Medal, coin
Chin= Mixed metal, Lead based material
It= brick
Mongkol, Dee = good
Kadook = Bone
Wat= Temple
Maha= Great, Big
Larp = wealth
Choke= good fortune
Maha-utt = power that can stop bullet
Kring = Rattle
Chaiwat = Small Buddha image that always made together with Phra Kring (Phra Kring is too large to wear)

Jetiya Jedi= Pagoda, Sathupa
Nam mon = Holy water
Mae Nam = River
Tha Nam = Pier

Kesorn = flower's Anther
Sapan= Bridge

-- Amulet --
Phra, Phrakrueng = Buddhist Amulet
Beer Kae = Chestnut-Cowrie Seashell amulet filled with Parod and chant, good for protection from black magic
Benjaphaki, Benjapakhi = five amulets grand set includes 1.Phra Somdej   2.Phra Nang Phaya  3.Phra Rod  4.Phong Supan  5.Phra Sumkor
Takrud =Tangga, lead or bronze plate written with Yan scription by monk, chanted and then fold in to a tube
Palad Kik = penis amulet, Shivalunga
Tao Ruean = Turtle amulet, good for weath
Nok Kum = Bird amulet, good
Tapien= Barb fish amulet, mostly come in pair or group, good for Wealth
Sai = fish trap, good for wealth
E Per = Women spread leg amulet
Nang Kwack = Lady of Luck, human female shaped amulet, one hand up (Kwack is like waving to come)
Nang Phaya= 1. Queen, female leader
                      2. Triangle shaped Buddha amulet, first founded at Pitsanulok province
Phra Kring = Buddha amulet that has Rattle inside
                         Metal version that has Prakum and pot mostly made as "Phra Phaisatchayakuru Buddha"
Prakum = rosary, string of beads
Rune, Ruen=batch
Somdej = 1. Ranking of Monks and Royal family.
                2. in amulet word known as rectangular shape amulet (4 corner amulet)

Na (Khang Na) = frontside
Lang (Khang Lang) = Backside

-- Places --
San-Jao=Shrine Boast = Buddhist Church
SamnakSong = Buddhist Monastry
Sema = a big leaf made of stone
Rakhang, Rakang= Large size bell

Roop = picture
Roop Muen= Portraid picture, Portraid statue.

-- People, Monks, God --
Phra =  a Monk
Kru = 1. Guru, Phra Kru
           2. brick box made for kept Treasure inside pagoda
Bhikan, Pikanes, Ganesha = Elephant headed Hindu's god
Sivali, sivalee= an Arahan monk lives in Buddha's period that always has good luck and wealth, he's never been sick in his life.
Song, Sangkha = Buddhist Monks
Sangkatjai = an Arahan monk lives in Buddha's period, his body looks Chubby because he don't want to be disturb by women (he use to be a good looking guy) so he use magic to transform in to an Ugly Chubby guy.
* many of Non Buddhists has missunderstood and thought Phra Sangkatjai is a Buddha, actually not!!!
Yak = Giant

B.E.= Buddist's era, start count after great Buddha Reclining (passed away)

12 years of Thai Nakkasat Animal cycle

Chuad (Nu)=mouse  Chalu (Wua)=Cow  Kal (Suer)=Tiger  Thor (Kratai)= Rabbit  Maroang(Ngu Yai) =Big snake  
Maseng (Ngu Lek)= small snake   Mamia (Ma)= Horse  Mamae (Pae)= Goat  Wok (Ling)=Monkey
Raka (Kai)= Rooster  Jor(Mha)= dog  Kul(Moo)=pig

Other Animals
Chang = elephant  Pla = Fish  Kwai = Buffalo  Kwang=Deer  Men= Hedgehog  Maew = Cat  Nok=Bird  Poo, Pu=crab
Krud, Krut= Garuda, a Bird god who has Human body with red color skin

Bali count
Aek =1 Tho = 2 Tri = 3 Jatu = 4  Benja =5  Cho=6  Satta=7  Atta=8  Nawa=9  Toss=10

Modern Thai Numbers
Nueng=1 Song=2 Sam=3 Si=4 Ha=5 Hok=6 Jed=7 Paed=8 Kao=9 Sip=10 Roi =100 Pun=1,000 Muen=10,000 Saen=100,000 Larn= Million
Tossawas= a decade, 10 years
Sattawas= 100 years

Body Parts
Ta, Tar = eye
Kew = eyebrow
Mue= Hand
Khan Kaen= arm
Ka, Kha = Leg
Pak = Mouth
Tao = foot
Fun= Tooth
Teen=Foot (not polite)

Gem Stone and Jewery
Ploy, Ploi= Gemstone
Tubtim= Ruby
Busarakham= Yellow Sapphire, Golden Topaz
Pet, Petch = Diamond
Yok= Jade
Nga= Ivory
Thong, tong = Gold
Nguen= Siver
Thong Daeng= Copper, Bronze
Nawaloha, Samrit = 9 kind of Metals mix together

Daeng= Red
Kaw, Khaw= White
Lerng = Yellow
Dum= Black
Blue= Fa
Green= Keaw




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