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龍婆班 Wat Bang Nom Kho

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LP Parn หลวงพ่อปาน 龍婆班 Wat Bang Nom Kho (วัดบางนมโค)
龍波版 | 龍波斑

龍波斑"於佛曆2418年7月16日,於"阿育他也"府出生,父母務農為生,大師出生後,父母發覺他左手有一個紅色胎記,因此就替他取名為"柏",就是胎記的意思。 龍波斑於佛曆2438年,他正直21歲時,由"龍波新"授戒,正式成為比丘,大師其後曾經跟隨多位高僧,學習不同起運法門,計有"屈班砰"的"龍波祖"大師和"阿贊嶽"大師(屈蘇普)。

龍波斑成為比丘後,他師父"龍波新"是一位精通咒術的高僧,把獨門咒術和禪定心法,傳授給龍波斑, 而天生根器銳利的龍波斑,很快便把師父傳授的神通妙法,修到相當不錯的境界,在那醫療落後的年代,更用神通加上聖水草藥等,治好不少善信的病症,同時大師的驅邪靈和解降頭法門,也幫助過很多中了黑巫術的民眾。 大師學會龍波新的全部法門後,便獨自從"阿育他也"府出發苦行,過著森林僧的苦修生活,展轉苦行至被緬甸一帶, 其間龍波斑再覓得兩位重要的恩師,就是修煉高深緬甸法門的:龍波寧(屈萊)和龍波朗(屈礦麻錠),這兩位高僧,令龍波斑的修為更為精進! 龍波斑不單以實踐苦行和禪定修行,同時也精究巴利經典,龍波斑跟"阿贊淨"(屈再績)學習了從2年巴利文,之後大師為了修讀更高層次的巴利文,就到了曼谷的"屈煞既"繼續學習研究,最後大師成功考取得高級巴利程度。


Story of Luangpor Parn : Luangpor Parn born at 16 July 2418 , have all 7 brothers/sisters. Father name " Artj Suttawong", Mother name " Aim Suttawong ". Their family work as thai farmer. His parent give him name "Parn"(red scar come since birth) because he have this red scar on the whole little finger at his left hand. He born at Moo.5 Tumbon.Bangnomko Aumper.Senar PhraNakhonSreeAyuttaya Province. He become a monk when he's 21 years old, his father took him to visit Luangpu Krai an abbot of Wat Bangnomko in that time. For him to study the Buddha ceremony, how to become a monk and to learn how this treadition work and keep go on to later generation. Luangpor Parn become a senior monk at 1st April 2438 by Luangpor Soon is his Phra Auppatcha (To become a monk, thai man need senior monk to do ceremony for him call "Phra Auppatcha"). After become a monk, Luangpor Parn had follow Luangpor Soon around thailand as he do interest in "Magic" and to heal any others. One day, Luangpor Soon see something in his disciple, it is the type to become a good teacher. He told Luangpor Parn "In future, when you "buatch"(become a monk) don't become the slave of "Giret Tunha"(things that we fall for.. in this world by the teaching of Buddha), do not stay with world's dharma 8 commandments, do drop them all. (That's what Lp.Soon said to Lp.Parn)

  • Want to be Rich/Wealth , want luck, happy with wealth and keep gathering.
  • If all wealth gone then sad/upset.
  • Want Honor/Good place position, satisfy with honor.
  • If honor/good place position gone then sad/upset.
  • When listen to gossip/disrespect words then sad/upset.
  • When listen to admire/respect words then happy/welcome.
  • Happy and enjoy in sexual.
  • Have sorrow then unconstant mind.


All these things are Giret/Tunha, when you are monk don't wish to get wealth, if you are rich then you're not a monk. You'll have to rich with "Zeenladhum"(commandments of the Buddha), rich with good karma. Money you receive have to spend for the other, keep only enough for your ownself needs.

Don't fall for rank, or to stand on one's dignity. Rank,Luck,Respect,Sex are "Giret" it's all impermanent. If you do satisfy in these four, you're not a monk even how long you stay in the monk's hood, you are not. You would fall to "Abaiyaphoom"(one place of hell). Only think and remind yourself of "We become a monk to seek Nibban success" as we speaked first time when we "buatch" enter the monk hoods "Ni-pa-nus-sa Sud-shi-gi-ri-yar-ya A-tung Gar-sar-wung-ka Hay-ta-wa" mean " we wish to receive monk's hood to lighten us to Nibban" do remember this my disciple.( Nibban is the success of all Phra Arrahun, as Buddha teach us to become Buddha himself. Those who success in class of yarn will visit "Buddhaphoom"(one place of heaven) after life, in Dharma we called Nibban the place of all Arrahun )

Once Luangpor Parn receive the way of Dhamma from Lp.Soon, Lp.Soon give him the book of how to become a monk to Lp.Parn to read and order him to practice chanting katha, also include katha of 4 elements "Na Ma Pa Ta" (Later on this katha become very famous for amulets collectors, as this kahta will wake the power inside the amulets). Lp.Soon told Lp.Parn to chant this kahta backward then chant the keylock until it's unlock. When you can chant this katha to unlock this keylock, come and tell me, then i'll give you everything of my good stuffs, everything, nothing left. Lp.Parn do agree. Lp.Soon arrange the place for Lp.Parn to stay, later on Lp.Parn chant Nark perfectly (Nark is katha to say when become a monk) also any chant katha books, he do remember all. And also chant "Na Ma Pa Ta" to unlock the key too. ( Luangpor Parn said that for 1 months, the key never unlock until the white ash all cover up become a white keylock )

Later day, Lp.Parn relax his mind, just after wake up he try again. "Na Ma Pa Ta", the key just unlock! Try other one, it just unlock!. Lock it again then try, it just unlock! very easy he said, try for 1 months never unlock. Later then he don't have to chant, only touch with his hand the keylock just unlock... At the end he bough 30-40 keylocks, Lock them all together, Lp.Parn only touch them, they're all unlock, even the chinese keylock. Ok, Lp.Parn have success about unlock the key, this is the way of Luangpor Soon on how to practice meditation because Luangpor Soon have "Rith"(power), such miracle can happen which need mindfulness most important.

This is the basic meditation story of Luangpor Parn, that have been taught by Luangpor Soon Wat Bangphramor. Luangpor Soon have fortune teller about Luangpor Parn said that : " Parn, you will have to remember son. You'll be in the monk's hood for the rest of your life, you'll never have a chance to quit. You have a lot of good karma and you wish to go to Buddhaphoom, you been conducted good karma a lot, this life will be your last life to conduct good karma. In future time if you will be born again, will be said by Lord Buddha only."

Luangpor Soon have taught Luangpor Parn how to "VipassanaGummatarn" (way of meditation), All of his knowledge, he gave to Lp.Parn. Luangpor Parn is a workhard person type, with wisdom and mindfulness. He have success every knowledge.

Luangpor Soon teach him with mindfulness to complete everything, ex. fill the water with mindfulness, He's only sit inside the temple, but he can fill the water inside the jar outside. ( Luangpu Buddha one of the great monk i know can do this the same, just a glass of water, then water just come out inside the cup fill the whole glass. ) To make the rain fall, anywhere, anytime, how long, how big. Can make the body untouch by the rain.. anything is possible. Can walk on the water, or on the air. Light up the dark, can burn any place. Be able the use the 4 elements in anything possible for good purpose. ( In old time Luangpor Soon very famous in "Rith" way which is magic, something with "Rith" is to use the power of elements. )

After Luangpor Soon have show each skill to Luangpor Parn, with his ability, he did learn and understand them all. then Luangpor Soon said "To use"Rith"(magic), you have complete it son. but remember, don't show to anyone around. If those people see will be a bad karma as Lord Buddha said" ( why it is bad karma as Lord Buddha said, because once we have told them or show them this miracle story and they don't believe, they'll complain/discuss/, they'll say such thing as most of human did, and that happen to them as they conduct bad karma themself. Most of Phra Arrahun can see people though first anyway and they know which level will he talk to.)

Luangpor Soon know that Luangpor Parn interest to be a doctor, to heal people. He taught "As doctor, you can't stop people from dead, you only stop their pain and sorrow. Do remember that if people visit to ask you for help, you'll have to check what happen to him. If you wonder, then make his body to a thin air, to have gap. Then pray in mind that the cause will show. Make your mind light and can see this cause clearly, where's it happen, how? this's call "TipayaJukkuyarn"(eye vision to solve problem)

He taught to know about "ArGarSarnunJaryarTana" which mean in this world have nothing, all will dissapear and empty even glass, tree, mountain, house and all life that are born. In the end, they're just like air, empty image. If someplace don't have a clear air, we can make it clear. Even wall,box,case, we can see though them all by "ArgardGasin". Only with mindfulness and make them become an air that we can see though things inside by "ArlokGasin". Even inside your own body, your bone, your heart everything. (These all knowledge "ArgardGasin" "ArlokGasin" "TipayaJukkuyarn" all this skill are from yarns practice, you can see.ghost/spirit, god, phrom, hell people and everything.)

Luangpor Soon have taught all type of "Gasin" etc. to Luangpor Parn, and Lp.Parn also learned/receive them all. Only by his first punsa (1 years), in story of "Apinya6", "Vicha3" (class of yarn meditation) he can do it all, because when he do thing, he do for serious and with his strong mindfulness.

Once "Aork Punsa" ("Kao Punsa" it is time that monk will have to stay inside temple for 3 month, "Aork Punsa" is time when monk will have to travel for knowledge outside for 3 month. These happen all once per years. ex, if one man been a monk for 5 punsa, is 5 years) Luangpor Soon tell Luangpor Parn to Tudong(monk's journey) alone. In that time many monk alway tudong to visit Phrajeenburee province which have the Bo-Tree(the bo tree under which the Buddha attained yarn then enlighten)

After tudong, Lp.Parn have been study magic with many monk such as Phra Archan Jeen WatJaojet, Luangpor Pun WatPigoonSogun, Archan Jern WatSraket, Tarn Archan Jang, Luangpor Noi Suparnburee and many monks, after Lp.Parn success learning magic/dharma for 3 years. He think of his father, then he travel back to Wat Bangnomko with all the knowledge he have gained, He use all these knowledge to help the villagers, to heal anyone with "Buddhakhun" and bless/chant water for drink etc. Later on when Lp.Parn pass away, he's become legend which his story and amulets are very famous among thai people. Luangpor Parn's amulets bless wealth fortune and successful in life purpose.

( The information base on 100years book of Luangpor Parn )

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