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On Practice …

How can the mind remain balanced when we are in pain?
Whenever something happens in the external world that we do not like, there are unpleasant sensations in the body. A Vipassana meditator focuses the entire attention on these sensations without reacting, just observing them very objectively. It is very difficult in the beginning, but slowly it becomes easier to observe the gross unpleasant sensations - what we call pain - with a balanced, calm mind. Pleasant, unpleasant, makes no difference. Every sensation arises only to pass away. Why react to something that is so ephemeral.


When thoughts and emotional upsurges come, how can I observe them equanimously?
It is not necessary to observe thoughts and emotions. Just accept the fact that now there is some chattering going on in the mind; good enough. No thought or emotion can arise in the mind without a sensation on the body.
When you are working with sensations you are working at the root level of
your mind. You are purifying your mind at the root level. So stay with the
sensations, and just accept the fact that some chattering is going on or some emotion has arisen, thats all. Don't go into the details of it.


What is equanimity?
When you don’t react to sensations you experience equanimity. Don’t generate craving for pleasant sensations. Don’t generate aversion for unpleasant sensations. Then you are not reacting.

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