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[其它] 龍普托 (瓦倉海寺) Nur Wan Phim Nayai BE2524

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This is one of the famous LP Thuad amulets after Ajarn Tim passing. This batch of LP Thuad BE2524 consist LP Thuad BE2497 powder and other holy materials. On top of that some of the top monks such as Ajarn Nong and LP Daeng were also invited for the consecration. This famous batch of LP Thuad has provided many well-documented miracles to its owners. Such as in the year BE2535 two trains collide that causes large numbers of casualties however one of the commuters that wearing this LP Thuad BE2524 was surprisingly not injure at all. Another story happened in BE2536 to 3 workers that are working in a restaurant feeling unwell. They take leave back home to have a rest. After they reached their home, they were told that the restaurant that they were working just now has just collapsed.

*Beware of replicas that may look up to 90% alike

這尊是瓦倉海寺的龍普托,也是阿佔添過世後最有名的傑作,這批龍菩托瓦倉海是在佛歷BE2524制,當年加入了非常大量阿佔添龍菩托2497所留下的聖粉。當年開光的高僧也非常多,最有名的當然是阿佔Nong和龍婆Deang。這 批牌也有相當好的避險效果。在佛歷BE2535,海崖火車相撞造成死傷非常大,有一位佩戴著這龍菩托佛牌盡然沒有受傷,真的不可思議。在佛歷BE2536,有一間飯店倒塌,還沒發生時再裏面工作的3位員工同時覺得一整天人都很不舒服,就請假回家。回到家時才知道自己工作飯店倒塌,他們都有佩戴著這批龍菩托佛牌。

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欢迎,感恩 :)

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