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'Beyond: Two Souls' motion capture took one year, says Quantic Dreams

Motion capture for Beyond: Two Souls took one year to complete. All game development to follow suit in 5 years time, believes Quantic Dreams boss.

In order to give Beyond: Two Soulss star, Jodie Holmes, 320 in-game animations the studio spent one year in motion capture development, revealed Quantic Dreams CEO, Guillaume de Fondaumiere in a recent interview with Bone-idle over the weekend. This time consuming, yet rewarding process is where Fondaumiere sees all titles of this kind going.

We spent a lot of time capturing movements for Jodie Holmes, Fondaumiere explains. Its insane. I think its very important to the experience and we see Jodie in different scenes at different ages and she never has the same body language, never has the same animations. Why? Because its meaningful, its characterizing.

The lifelike look and nature of the game is attributed to insight learned from understanding how movie works, Fondaumiere credits. Its something that I think were pioneering,North Face Outlet Women's Hyvent Jacket Black, he adds.

This Hollywood approach to game development is a growing trend in the industry. Splinter Cell: Blacklist director, Patrick Redding described a TV/movie esque casting/acting process where characters were chosen based on physical likeness, as well as vocal prowess, when considered for their animated countmocap

erparts. Hideo Kojima has opened a brand new L.A. studio for this very purpose. As to Fundaumieres thoughts on this: I think in 5 years time all the games will be doing this.

Naturally, this wouldnt apply to more abstract games, like say,North Face Sale Women's Hyvent Jacket Purple, The Wonderful 101, Mark of the Ninja or Minecraft. But for photo realistic titles like COD, Titanfall and Battlefield, mocap is an integral part of development.

Beyond: Two Souls will release exclusively for PS3 on October 8th,North Face Women's Hyvent Jacket Blue, 2013 in NA.

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