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Kat Von D lipstick pulled for degrading name: Who was Kat's mystery inspiration?

Kat Von Ds lipstick is pulled from elite store due to the backlash over the name of the color. Celebutard,2013 Northface Outlet Women's Pink Ribbon Black, is the color that's been discontinued. This is just one lipstick color in Kats line that is sold exclusively at the cosmetic store Sephora. It was Sephora that made the decision to pull the one lipstick shade according to Us Weekly on Nov. 8.

Kat von D isnt happy about the uproar over the lipstick controversy,Shop North Face Men's Windstopper Jacket Black, saying it was just a silly name for people who become celebrities for their attention-getting behavior. Many took to the social networks when first seeing the name Celebutard and claimed it references the word retard, which is of course an offensive word.

Glee actress Lauren Potter took to Twitter and writes: "Really @sephora celebutard? Not cool." Lauren has Down syndrome. Faith Bodnar, who works for the non-profit Inclusion BC said during an interview,The North Face Men's Apex Bionic Jacket Oriole Orange, It should have never been on the shelves to begin with. It's degrading and there's no place for it."

The majority of the backlash that Sephora was hearing about Celebutard lipstick was similar to what the two women above had to say. Folks found it offensive. Kat Von D wasnt about to apologize for the name saying that At the end of the day, its just a f---kin lipstick.

Kat tweeted:

"That name was inspired by the silliness of people who become famous for no reason outside attention seeking behavior. I think it's a funny, lighthearted stab at how silly people can be."

Did Kat have this color in mind for Kim Kardashian and her sisters, or Paris Hilton? She created this for "people who become famous for no reason outside attention seeking behavior." This is what people often say about Kim who can't sing, dance or act.

Paris Hilton is famous, but not due to any talent she has. Who did Kat have in mind when she made a lipstick color for the famous people who are famous due to their behavior? Could it be Octomom? Who do you think she had in mind?

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