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Miley Cyrus teaches kids a thing about respect

If Miley Cyrus' behavior is so awful then why is it so well received? Can 14-million Twitter followers be wrong? When they are all under the age of 18, they're not only wrong,Black Friday Best Buy Canada Goose Men's Snow Mantra Parka Orange, they are dangerous and not to be trusted.

Children are the enemy or order, reason and of all that makes sense in the universe. All kids want is to watch, ingest and participate in stuff that is bad for them. MTV understands this and rests its empire on it. They are wholly aware how much more money there is to be made selling sex to teens than they used to make marketing actual music to their parents.

Miley Cyrus is emerging as the spokesperson for a fractured generation. Her recent display at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards is simply the latest in a sordid series of attention-grabbing gimmicks at which she is becoming rather proficient. Miley has watched Lady Gaga and Katy Perry grab headlines for wearing meat and marrying psychopaths,The North Face Cyber Monday ads 2013 Men's Grey Gore-Tex Jacket, seen Justin Bieber's popularity skyrocket for urinating in public, meanwhile she wallowed in simple super-stardom leaning meekly on talent.

Well, no more. Family-friendly entertainment is an h-word of a lot of work,Cyber Monday Outlet Canada Goose Women's Snow Parka Red, mainly because the people making responsible decisions at the heads of many of these families demand some worthwhile return on any investment. The solution: target the dysfunctional youth. Bad kids commonly have money to burn since their absentee moms and dads like to substitute false-generosity for parenting.

But how do you capture this lucrative, if non-discriminating market? Simple, find out what all the good parents are afraid of and embrace it. But don't forget to shed and condemn all the things that made you likeable in the first place. You wouldn't want your new fans to be reminded of your less-checkered past while they are raging against the machine. Also underwear. Lots and lots of visible underwear.

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