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J.J. Abrams teases internet with mysterious new clip

Due to his involvement in many of the nerd-o-spheres hottest properties, news of anything J.J. Abrams-related immediately commands the attention of the internet. So when his production company Bad Robot dropped a mysterious new teaser on Entertainment Weekly this morning, sci-fi fans scrambled to decode the meaning of the odd, unsettling and totally ambiguous minute-plus clip.

No creative context was provided for the video, entitled Stranger, so its unclear whether it is promoting an upcoming television show, movie, video game,North Face Outlet Women's Hoodie Denali Red, web-series or other media venture. The clip opens with a plaintive piano score that sounds similar to the compositions of Oscar-winner and Bad Robot favorite Michael Giacchino. After a shot of the stars,Women The North Face Outlet Osito Jacket Pink, the voice-over -- which, to these ears, sounds like it was read by either William Bogert or Frank Langella -- begins with he arrived knowing nothing of himself, and shows a man with ropes around his wrists, looking confused as he stumbles about the shallows of the beach. Then...you know what? Just watch the thing, its only 67-seconds long, and meet me at the next paragraph.

OK, cool. So what could this be for? The characters wardrobe and hairstyle, as well as intimations about rebirth, had me thinking The Crow, although it doesn't seem that Bad Robot is attached to the reboot of that project. Others wonder, with the water motif and soundtrack,Sale North Face Women's Hyvent Jacket Blue, if it could be related to the show Lost. And what of Mr. Sewed Lips? Purely speculating here, but Im guessing hes not a Sith Lord from Abrams upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII.

Its obviously all conjecture at this point, which is the purpose of the whole thing. But to paraphrase the card at the end of the clip, Soon we will know.

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