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Sivir relaunches on League of Legends

Riot Games has updated Sivir on League of Legends with a face-lift as well as some minor changes to her kit. Her rework was announced at PAX earlier this year, but today, her rework has finally arrived. No longer sporting her relatively poor textures, Sivir has hit the scene with changes that effect all of her visuals. Her model is much more detailed, ability effects are visually pleasing, she has new ability icons, and her voice is much more fitting for a "Battle Mistress". No longer is her default skin plain and boring, but instead it competes with her alternate skins!

Sivir's Ricochet has received some love and is now offers a lot of additional ways to use it. Instead of causing her next auto-attack to bounce to a set amount of target, it now causes her next three auto-attacks to bounce to an unlimited amount of enemies! The bouncing attacks cannot hit the same target twice,2013 North Face Outlet Down Coat For Men Black, but as long as there is a new target for the blade to bounce to then it will continue to bounce. Ricochet always bounces until its nearest target until there are no targets for it to bounce to.

Spell Shield can really change a fight when Sivir is low on mana, but only if Sivir had enough mana to cast the spell shield in the first place. Spell Shield no longer costs mana to cast, but does not give Sivir as much mana as it used to.

Sivir's ultimate ability,North Face Outlet Men's Gore Tex Pro Shell Jacket Black, On the Hunt, can now be casted while moving, has had its cooldown adjusted, and increases movement speed for Sivir and teammates. Unfortunately, her ultimate no longer passive grants attack speed to her and her allies. On the Hunt now gives Sivir bonus attack speed while her ricochet is active.

The new Sivir has just arrived, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to rush to the Fields of Justice to try her out,Cheap North Face Women's Summit Series Jacket Green, because these changes are probably here to stay. Be sure to try her out and see if you prefer the new Sivir over the old one! What do the League of Legends players of Fort Worth think of the new Sivir?

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