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'Interview with the Vampire (1994)' Movie Review The blood is sweet ,Fashion North Face Outlet Locations Men's 3 in 1 Winter Jacket B

It is the 1791, Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt) is a plantation owner and a widower all at the young age of 24. He drinks and womanizes all the day and he longs for death. Until he meets Lestat de Lioncourt (Tom Cruise) a gentleman who forever will change his life. Lestat will turn Louis into a vampire who 200 years a later will be telling the story to a nave journalist by the name of Daniel Malloy (Christian Slater).

Louis is not in favor of taking the blood of humans but he must do it to stay alive. He and Lestat will spend some time at the plantation until it becomes known of the deaths and of what they are. The slaves are aware of the two being vampires and want to burn them out but Louis will do it for them. This sends the two wandering the streets until they finally settle on New Orleans.

Louis is fed up with the life of wandering and wants more to his life. This is where Claudia (Kirsten Dunst) will come in to our tale. Lestat will bring her over to the other side for Louis to fill his void.

Claudia as any young girl in her 30's is tired of being the young little girl and lashes out at Lestat burning him and sending him to the swamps.

Claudia and Louis will travel the world looking for their own kind. They settle on Paris, France for they find a coven of vampires living in a theater. Armand (Antonio Banderas) is their leader and has fallen for Louis.

When it becomes known that Louis had something to do with Lestat it will be Claudia who will pay for the crime.

Louis will travel some more until he heads back to the new world. He will go back to what and where he knows and that is the bayou and New Orleans,The North Face Outlet Women's Hyvent Jacket Orange. Malloy will have the story of a lifetime if he can finish it and get it published,NorthFace Men's Beta AR Jacket Skyblue on Sale.

Director Neil Jordan does an excellent job in telling the tale of Lestat and the vampires. So on this Old Hallows Eve enjoy a tale from the other side of existence.

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