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Samsung's global Q3 2013 cell phone shipments top sum of Apple,The North Face Women's Windbreaker Jacket Green, LG, Nokia: SA

Those who applaud Apple's sales figures should take a look at this bit of news. Strategy Analytics said Tuesday (via Cnet) Samsung shipped a record number of phones last quarter, 120 million, surpassing the numbers put up by Apple, Nokia, and LG -- combined.

That gave Samsung 28.7 percent of the global cell phone market. To be clear, these numbers represent mobile phones, overall, not just smartphones. Considering only smartphones, Samsung shipped 88.4 million smartphones (or 56.9 percent), while Apple shipped 33.8 million iPhones (or 26.9 percent).

To be crystal clear, these numbers represent shipment figures into the channel for most OEMs; Apple, though, reports sales numbers, not shipped devices.

It might surprise people to know that Nokia still manages to command second place in cell phones, overall. The company managed 64.6 million handsets shipped, hitting 15.5 percent market share. However, that is down considerably from 2012,North Face Outlet Women's Fleece Gore Tex Grass Green, when the company shipped 82.9 million cell phones for a 21.2 percent market share.

Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Mawston said, in a statement,

Nokia shipped a slightly better-than-expected 64.6 million mobile phones worldwide in Q3 2013. Nokia's 15 percent global mobile phone market share is showing signs of stabilizing sequentially as demand for the Microsoft Lumia smartphone range is improving. However,Cheap North Face Women's Denali Jacket LightPink, Nokia's feature phone unit remains a problem child as global volumes dipped ... 27 percent year over year.

In addition, there was interesting news for the global cell phone market, in general. Looking at those numbers, shipments grew 45 percent year-over-year, from 172.8 million units in Q3 2012 to 251.4 million in Q3 2013. This was a record, and also was the first time that smartphone shipments surpassed a quarter-billion units in a single quarter.

In fact, smartphones accounted for six out of 10 mobile phones shipped globally in Q3 2013.

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