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'Breaking Bad': Are odds about who lives and dies a clue about spinoff series,Cyber Monday Mens Coats The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket Asphalt Grey?

As "Breaking Bad" nears its likely tragic series finale, an odds maker took the time to crunch the numbers on who lives who dies in the end. Breaking Bad's third to last episode airs Sunday night, and we're not even sure who's going to make it out of the desert alive after the ending of last week's episode,The North Face Men's Nuptse 2 Vest TNF Black Cyber Monday 2014, according to Entertainment Weekly on Sept. 13. But does the announcement this week of the go ahead for a spinoff series make who lives and who dies matter?

Kevin Bradley, a sports book manager for Bovada, is such a huge fan of the show that he took the time to figure out what he thinks are the hypothetical odds that some of the main characters will die by the time the series ends.

The bottom line is by the series finale, it seems Jesse and Walt may be goners,Cyber Monday Sales UK The North Face Men's 3 In 1 Outlet Windstopper Jacket Black, but Skyler, Hank, and Saul might actually live on to see another day. Click here to see the actual break down of the odds numbers.

The ending of last weeks "Breaking Bad" episode left us hanging, with things looking bad for some of our favorite characters. Hank appeared to have what looked like his final conversation with Marie, but that could have been to throw us off too.

The huge shootout certainly portends someone's gotta die. Jesse was the intended target of Todd's uncle and his gang, but then the drug posse also encountered two DEA agents.

And with Walter White's cancer back, there's always the chance he could bite it due to a complication related to that.

With everything coming to a head, the odds are most in favor of Walt dieing, with a smaller chance that Jesse will. The odds are closest for Hank, but do favor him living by a small margin.

Skylar and Saul are favored to live, with the former being perhaps one of the fan favs, and the latter just announced to be starring in an upcoming spinoff of the hugely popular AMC show.

Who knows, maybe Skylar will end up in business or in bed with Saul in the spinoff series?

Well, not likely really as the new show is being described as a prequel. What do you think?

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