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Boon of Erebos from 'Theros'

Boon of Erebos is a versatile new common black instant "Magic: The Gathering" card from Wizards of the Coast's expert expansion set "Theros" that can play many roles. Featured in the "Devotion to Darkness" intro pack, Boon of Erebos is also perhaps one of the most powerful black spells in both of the set's limited formats as well.

Boon of Erebos - BInstant (Common)Target creature gets +2/+0 until end of turn. Regenerate it. You lose 2 life."Death is not a certainty. Erebos determines when a mortal's time is up."-Iadorna, death priest of Erebos

Boon of Erebos can save your early creature from burn spells like Magma Jet or that late game bomb you may have first picked from a Divine Verdict. Because Boon of Erebos also pumps your creature's power by two, this combat trick lets you coyly block and kill bigger threats like Fleecemane Lion with smaller "innocent" cards like Omenspeaker before your rival has a chance to make it monstrous. Oftentimes though,Cyber Monday 2013 The North Face Men's 3 In 1 Gore Tex Xcr Jacket Jake Blue, you'll end up using Boon of Erebos on one of your attackers to take out your adversary's biggest blocker. Or you can just deal a couple of extra damage to your opponent's face. It's with heroic creatures like Tormented Hero, Phalanx Leader, and Akroan Crusader that Boon of Erebos really shines, especially when it targets a rare heroic card such as Agent of the Fates or Fabled Hero.

Boon of Erebos isn't without a downside: You'll lose two life when it resolves. However that's a small price to pay in order to protect your creature, destroy an opponent's threat, and trigger a heroic ability. In the right situation, Boon of Erebos will allow you to gain card and board advantage, perhaps even the game.

How will you use Boon of Erebos?

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