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Listen Down:Low-Volumne myPhones for Kids Make Listening Fun and Safe

Decible-limiting headphones keep sound pressure down to safe levels for young ears

Youre sitting in a restaurant with fidgety little ones, and the appetizers havent even been served. You give them your iPhone or tablet, but along with all those kids games you loaded just for this situation are complete with plenty of bells,The North Face Cyber Monday Shopping Online Hyvent Green Women Jacket, whistles and other random sound effects.

Before your neighbors at the next table give you the evil eye, plug in Griffin Crayola myPhones so that you and everyone around you can get some peace and quiet, and you get peace of mind knowing that your kids wont blow their ears out. These super cute earbuds and headphones are sized for little ears and they have built in technology to keep the volume to a safe listening level. Compared to normal conversation at 60 dB, myPhones play at 85 dB, lower than an MP3 player at maximum volume, or by comparison,The North Face Cyber Monday ads Men's Gore Tex Waterproof Black Jacket, an ambulance at 120 dB.

The earbuds are shaped like the tip and end of a Crayola crayon, so kids love the illusion of wearing a crayon through their head, though the pointed tip might be a bit confusion when they are first trying to figure out which end goes into their ear! The earbuds come with three sizes of silicone ear cushions in a carrying case shaped like a Crayola. For more than one child,Cyber Monday Sales Canada Goose Men's Chilliwack Bomber Sunset Orange, you can get different colors so they can tell their own earphones apart from their siblings and friends. The sets comes in Purple Pizazz, Cotton Candy, Caribbean Green and Blue Berry

The over-the-head style headphones are also sized for children, featuring soft padding for comfort. Kids can decorate the headphones using a variety or cool patterned stickers designed to fit on the headband or ear cups, or they can customize them using the included plain stickers and three Crayola color markers. The sets are available in pink/purple and blue/green color combinations. Earbuds are priced at $14.95, and headphones are $24.95 at .

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