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More than just a conjuring

The Conjuring, directed by James Wan, is certainly conjuring up quite a few scares. This, based on true events, demonic thriller takes place in a quiet Rhode Island home in the early 70s,Christmas Gift Canada Goose Women's Palliser Coat Berry, with even the actual victims assisting with the production of the film. Since these were actual events that took place, it sets it apart from all those other blockbuster horror stories.

Im usually not impressed by a lot of the CGI-creatures but director James Wan is able to pull it off and make sure its stuck in the audiences mind, whether they want to or not. Wan, from Malaysia, is able to create something disturbingly unique in his films, for example 2004s Saw and 2011s Insidious,The North Face Cyber Monday 2013 Men's Ski Scythe Sienna Jacket, and cause the audience to jump in their seats (Im looking at you tough guy in the third row, dont think I didnt see you!).

The cast was impeccable, bringing the audience right there with them as they explored the house and experienced everything that they were going through. I have to admit, I was terrified that something may happen to Lorraine so I started crying at certain points. The majority of horror movies tend to have less than stellar acting but for this cast, it was phenomenal!

Patrick Wilson (Insidious,The North Face Cyber Monday Women Shell Jacket Light Blue, Watchmen, Prometheus) plays Edward Warren, demonologist and paranormal investigator. Vera Farminga (Bates Motel, Orphan, The Departed) plays his clairvoyant wife Lorraine as theyre asked to investigate the home of the Perron family. Ron Livingston (The Time Travelers Wife, Band of Brothers, Office Space) portrays Roger Perron and Lili Taylor (Hemlock Grove, The Haunting) plays his wife Carolyn Perron, and both did a stellar job.

One thing to take note on, spoiler alert, when Ed and Lorraine return home and theyre about to call the priest about canceling the exorcism, the priest tells them that theyre needed in Long Island, New York, the location for the Amityville Horror.

If you plan on seeing this movie (and I highly recommend it), just remember that these were actual events and they could possibly happen!

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