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Grand Theft Auto Online job payout reduction complaints discussed by Rockstar

The recently-released 1.04 title update reduced the job payouts on select missions in Grand Theft Auto Online by 50 percent, which upset many players. In an exchange from the comments section of Rockstar Newswire on Oct. 18, one of the fans wanted to know why Rockstar Games decided to cut the pay. He mentioned that some of the jobs cost more to complete than the final payout. Furthermore, some of the affected missions are quite lengthy, making it hard to justify finishing.

A spokesperson from Rockstar Games responded by saying that the company is still aggressively tuning the multiplayer mode of GTA 5. As a result, players are encouraged to provide feedback to the development team regarding Grand Theft Auto Online. You can take a look at some screenshots from the recently-released multiplatform video game in the slideshow on the top left-hand side of this article and the full statement from the company below:

As we've said from the outset, we're going to be aggressively tuning GTA Online throughout and beyond this early period after its release, and we need your feedback in order to do that. Please do send any thoughts you have to GTAOnline@rockstargames.com to ensure we see them. Cheers.

In addition to reducing job payouts on select missions, the 1.04 patch also fixed several issues regarding missing vehicles. A recently-discovered infinite cash exploit along with other glitches were also addressed. You can check out the full change log in the following link: GTA 5 1.04 patch fixes infinite money exploit,NBA iPhone 5s Cases, missing cars and more.

GTA 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online were developed by Rockstar North,iPhone 5s Cases. The single-player campaign was released on Sept,NHL iPhone 5s Cases. 17 while the multiplayer mode was launched on Oct. 1. You can order the product from Amazon in the following link: GTA 5

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