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Life on the Rosy Road: Chapter 2 ,NHL Panthers iPhone 5 Cases

In a confused state of mind, I looked towards the muddy road. I recognized few of my friends there. I ran towards them. The wall in between is not so high, but even then I never saw anyone crossing onto the rosy road. I didn't know why they didn't try. It feels so good here.

I greeted my childhood friends. It seemed such a long time ago - my childhood days. But as I talked to them, all the memories presented themselves in front of my eyes. I became confident, just like those old days that these guys are not going to leave me.

I asked them to jump up to my side. I told them this road is so rosy and full of luxuries. We will even reach our destination earlier. To my surprise they said - "It's not possible"!

I showed them the path; they were happy to see it but didn't want to come. I urged them to at least give it a try. One of them agreed and tried to come over, but the others pulled him back. But I was so happy to meet them; I wanted to go with them. Soon it was dark and they decided to go back to their homes. They promised me to meet the next day.

So I came back to my new friends. They were enjoying their hearts out and asked me to join. I preferred to rest for some time. I was trying to deduce the logic behind - "What people perceive success as? What do they want in life?"

I thought back of those sweet shrubs on the rosy road and the other side full of stones and debris. Oh yes! I remembered a big lake behind the shrubs,College Sports iPhone 5s Cases, and I remembered how hard I had to try to cross that lake to reach this rosy road. I recalled those disloyal days it took, when I was too motivated to achieve this path. I had put everything at stake and it felt I was going to lose big time. This lake was hard to cross but hard work pays.

So,NHL Maple Leafs iPhone 5s Cases, this is what it was! Suddenly, everything became clear and I felt light headed again.

To be continued..

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