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The North Face Cyber Monday Deals 2013 Windwall Tr

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',The North Face Cyber Monday Deals 2013 Windwall Triclimate Men's Jackets Olive Drab;Theros' prerelease promos same as intro pack rares with alternate art

Today Aug. 30, 2013 in an update to DailyMTG.com Wizards of the Coast revealed that the prerelease cards of their upcoming "Magic: The Gathering" expansion set "Theros" will be the same as the intro pack rares. They'll boast alternate art and a gold date stamp.

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Ember SwallowerShipbreaker KrakenAbhorrent OverlordCelestial ArchonBident of Thassa

This isn't the first time prerelease cards have been the same as the intro pack rares: It happened last year in "Return to Ravnica."

Azorius - Archon of the TriumvirateIzzet - Hypersonic DragonRakdos - Carnival HellsteedGolgari - Corpsejack MenaceSelesnya - Grove of the Guardian

It also happened again in "Gatecrash."

Orzhov: Treasury ThrullDimir: Consuming AberrationGruul: RubblehulkBoros: Foundry ChampionSimic: Fathom Mage

Despite the alternate art, the fact each of the promos was included in an intro pack had a detrimental effect on the secondary market prices. This could be considered both a good and bad thing: Good for players looking to pick up said cards for their decks, bad for those looking to sell or trade in their prerelease promos to fund additional sealed events.

"Theros" will contain 249 "Magic: The Gathering" cards. Prerelease events will be held on Sept. 21-22, 2013,The North Face Cyber Monday Sale ads Mens Windstopper Green, the "Theros" set will be released on Sept. 27, 2013,Cyber Monday Best Buy Canada Goose Women's Trillium Parka Tan, and the launch weekend will occur on Sept. 27-29, 2013.

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