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Paula Deen's supporters speak out on Facebook: 'You did nothing wrong'

Food Network is not renewing Paula Deen's contract, but she still has the support of millions of fans on her Facebook page.

On June 21,Cyber Monday Sales Canada Goose Women's Montebello Parka Sunset Orange, Food Network stated that the celebrity cooking show host's contract would not be renewed at the end of this month. This came after Deen's admission that she used racial slurs, particularly the "N-word", in the past caused an uproar in the media.

On Friday, Deen stated in this video that she apologized for using "inappropriate,The North Face Cyber Monday Specials Men's Black Vortex Triclimate Jacket, hurtful language."

Although there are many people who are in favor of Food Network's decision to part ways with Paula Deen, her fans have taken to her Facebook page with an outpouring of support for the Emmy Award-winning television personality.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of comments from Paula Deen's supporters:

"Paula, honey u listen up, as a black women of 60 as far as I am concerned u did nothing wrong ... at our age we are entitled to speak our minds and be honest about it lol, we are too old to be walking around trying to remember some lie we told so we would not hurt someones feelings ... I know you were not spouting racial context when u said what u said. I am old enough to understand what your meaning was behind what u said and there was not an ounce of bigotry or racism in it ... Isn't it amazing how some folks try to do anything to bring down a strong woman." - Victoria Cook

"The racism thing has gotten way out of control ... I'm sorry Paula, Now-a-days you can't tell the truth." - Michelle Williams

"Paula what you did or said 30 yeas ago is OK. We all did so. Love you, and have canceled my subscription to Food netword Mag. "- Elaine Galusha

Paula Deen currently has almost 2.5 million fans on her Facebook page and it seems that many of her either forgive her for using racial slurs or they support her for admitting she made mistakes,Thanksgiving Day Canada Goose Women's Expedition Parka Light Grey.

Are you in favor of Food Network's decision to not renew Paula Deen's contract?

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