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Twitter gives our accounts better security ,The North Face Cyber Monday 2013 Best Buy Women's 3 In 1 Gore Tex Jacket TNF Red

In the past few years the micro-blogging site twitter has seen more than its share of hacking incidents,Cyber Monday North Face Soft Shell Jacket. Some of the more recent high profile ones have been the Jeep corporation and Burger King prompting users of the site to demand a better security process to help prevent these attacks. On Wednesday the management of twitter finally heard those concerns and implement a 2-step verification system that current users can opt into to give them some extra protection.

"Today were introducing a new security feature to better protect your Twitter account: login verification," Twitter's Jim O'Leary wrote in a blog post this Wednesday. "This is a form of two-factor authentication. When you sign in to twitter.com, theres a second check to make sure its really you. Youll be asked to register a verified phone number and a confirmed email address."

Under the new verification system every time you login twitter well send a verification code to your mobile device that you will need to enter before you can finish your login. A few other sites already offer a 2-step system and hacking has seen a significant reduction. The system will not eliminate the need for users that take some precautions, such as, changing passwords a couple of times a years and checking your account information to make sure none of it has been altered.

When you do change your password there are a few simply rules you should always follow:

Always make your password atleast 8 characters long ensuring that it will be difficult for anyone to figure out.

Never use personal information, such as, your name, birthday, pet's name or anything easily associated with you.

Always use a mix of capitol and lower-case letters along with numbers

Never write down your password where someone can get their hands on it

If you do have too many passwords to remember it should be kept locked away,The North Face Men's Phere Triclimate Jacket Conifer Green Cyber Monday Deals, encrypted or password protected so that only you have access.

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