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Zynga announces layoffs, shuts down DrawSomething office

Remember all the annoying hype for FarmVille and MafiaWars or whatever else took over Facebook a few years ago? Today Salon noted the maker of those games, Zynga, is now experiencing some pretty tough times.

Yesterday, the company announced massive layoffs,The North Face Cyber Monday UK 2013 Men's Gore Tex Pro Shell Jacket Asphalt Grey, around 18 percent of the staff, and the company is shutting down OMGPOP, which they bought for $180M just last year. OMGPOP became a huge name in gaming when their first hit, DrawSomething, really took off. Shortly after that is when Zynga snatched the company up.

But Zynga apparently didn't understand the nature of it's audience. Cult of Android writes that,The North Face Summit Thermal Jacket Olive Cyber Monday Men's Deals, "Just a month after the acquisition, the game had lost 5 million players, and the exodus showed no signs of stopping."

Continuing to not get their audience, Zynga released the DrawSomething sequel in April, which Im sure no one has really played or heard of.

For the rest of us,The North Face Cyber Monday Deals 2013 Women's Clothing 3 In 1 Windwear Jacket TNF Black, this can serve as a nice moment to get nostalgic about the last time you played DrawSomething, start a new game and promptly forget about it. But Zynga has some serious work to do on the company, because as Wired ultimately points out, Zynga is the source of its own problems.

with Facebook games revenues up 12 percent for the first quarter of 2013 versus the last quarter of 2012, it seems Zynga has little but itself to blame for its woes. The Facebook social gaming pie is getting bigger, Zynga just seems unable to get to the table."

Tech startups rise fast and fall hard and comebacks seem pretty darn rare. It's likely that in the coming months, or years if they hang on that long, Zynga will likely hit a point of no return unless they figure out their audience.

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