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'Glee' spoiler: How does the Becky Jackson school shooting story line resolve?

Back on "Glee" season 4, Becky Jackson (Lauren Potter) accidentally fired a gun on school grounds. Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) ended up losing her job because she took the fall in order to protect her protege.

However,Thanksgiving Day Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Sand, in a new TV Line spoiler clip, posted September 20, 2013,Thanksgiving Day Outlet Women UGG Roseberry Suede 5734 Chocolate, Sue is terrorizing the halls at McKinley once again in season 5, this time as principal.

Apparently, Becky had confessed and was given a one-month suspension, and McKinley was eager to welcome back the villainous Cheerios coach.

"Glee" has never been afraid to push the envelope, and the episode "Shooting Star" was no exception. The writers really made a controversial decision to have Becky be the culprit.

In previous seasons, Becky was portrayed as a resilient character who showed strength in living with Downs Syndrome. Her mentor/mentee relationship with Sue, as well as her snarky one-liners were always a highlight of every episode.

Feeling threatened about the upcoming graduation, Becky took her father's gun to school in hopes of being able to protect herself, but accidentally pulled the trigger in Sue's office.

It's just as well that "Glee" decided to wrap up that story line, though now it will be a bit difficult to look at her character the same way, given the direction she took in season 4.

Should the writers have made Becky the culprit in the school shooting episode? Are you glad that she confessed? Are you looking forward to Principal Sylvester wreaking havoc at McKinley,Cyber Monday Sales Women UGG Classic Tall 5815 Mixed Colors?

"Glee" season 5 premieres Thursday September 26 at 9/8c on FOX.

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