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The Lessons I Learned from Music Production
When I started producing music years ago with FL Studio, I really had no clue what I was doing. I remember some of my earlier mixes were completely,San Diego State Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Cases, ridiculously bad. First plunge was in 2002, sucked! Mr. DJ MadCat. I am not sure how many times I told myself, I'm shit, how will I ever be a trance producer? In 2007 it was all about the classical thing for me. Piano, piano and more piano. I loved uplifting trance, but still I was asking myself, how am I going to get better and transition my mixes into something that makes sense. Hit 2009, and I was getting better and better. All that hard work was starting to pay off, and it was in 2009 that I had this great idea to help others while I'm still getting better and better. That's when I started my youtube account on producing music.It's no easy road, and while I have had many setbacks, I always keep producing. That's the key point here, I didn't give up. Yeah, I sucked at first. Let's give an example,Texas Tech Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Cases, have you just started playing an online game that's competitive and got called a noob? Okay, well it's true, if you just started playing and you're doing stuff wrong, you're going to be called a noob. The other guy calling you that noob, well, he may be uber good at what he's doing but make no mistake, he sucked like a noob when he first started playing. No matter what people say, when you play against more experienced players on an even skill level, the more experience will steamrKentucky iPhone 4 Casesoll you. What's my point again? Oh yes, just because you got called a noob, don't ragequit the game and uninstall it. Keep pMLB Logos iPhone 4 Caseslaying, get better and better and in time that bad attitude player will soon change his tone. Same with music, don't give up. Be the better person and when you get a lot better, don't go calling other people noobs. Where am I going with this? There's tons of producers out there that are full of themselves and think they're better than other people. I'm not giving names,Northern Iowa Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Cases, but there's a lot.What I try to do is instead of telling people they're bad anNBA Memphis Grizzlies iPhone 4 Casesd need to "learn", aka "you're a noob" with no constructiveness at all..well, I'm actually doing what I can to help people get better and give confidence and motivation. There are others out there like this, it's just a personality thing. My time is precious but if that time can help someone to become better at what they do, and what I love to do too, then THUMBS up. This page was created specifically with that in mind. I have hours and hours of videos on youtube over the years. That's a lot of time to be honest and it's not going to stop there. I get emails and messages from people thanking me for inspiring them and chasing their dream. Remember guys/girls, it was my dream too, and I never thought I would succeed in the way I did. Yeah yeah, I'm not a behemoth name, maybe you've never even hearTexas State iPhone 4s Casesd of me. Who cares, having my name mentioned by some top known DJ or producer throughouCFA Cats iPhone 4 Casest time was enough for me to feel suAuburn iPhone 4s Casesccess. If you just want to make money from this typCal State Fullerton iPhone 4 Casese of production, then as a producer you need to know that there's not much to be made. DJ, yes, producer, no. Something you need to choose. Either both, or you want to produce music BECAUSE you love it, and have no motivation to "getSouthern Mississippi iPhone 4 Cases rich" from it. I assure you, if you go into producingAnimals iPhone 4 Cases with that goal in mind, you're settingMLB Tigers iPhone 4s Cases yourself up for fail.






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