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Central Michigan Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Case

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Thus far, with his back injury problems history, Perry has been performing well in public. Mind, no matter Fathers Day iPhone 4 Caseshow well he performs, the "oops" moment will still be featured in anti Perry campaign ads. That will be a problem.

"With the creation of AEF, luring businesses to Texas becomes secondary to Perry's effort to draw attention to how red states and blue states are recovering from recession. Perry says he Butler iPhone 4s Caseswants to 'draw the contrast between the states .  .  . and between Washington,Central Michigan Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Cases, D.C., and the states.' Hint: Red states, especially Texas, are doing better.

With the Texas Legislature not in session, Perry is free to roam the country advocating forNBA Phoenix Suns iPhone 4s Cases free market economic policies. If one imagines that this is a lead in for a 2016 presidential run, one would imagine correctly. Sometime in 2015 Perry will decide to pull the trigger and become a candidate in earnest.

Phase two of what is obvious. Perry means to wipe out the memory of his subpar performance in 2012 to pave the way for 2016. Penn State iPhone 4 CasesTo accompHumor iPhone 4 Caseslish that, Perry has formed a new organization called Americans for Economic Freedom.

"Exactly how AEF, as a nonpolitical 'advocacy' group,Sporting Activities Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Cases, will function is unclear, except that Perry will be front and center in TV ads and speeches. He plans further extensive travel. He launched the new organization in St. Louis last week and will address California Republicans this week."

On the other hand,NHL Red Wings Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Cases, Perry will be able to point to relative economic strength Texas has enjoyed since the economic slowdown began over five years ago. And, of course, Texas has never had a government shutdown. As Dartmouth iPhone 4 Casesof this writing that is a powerful argument for a Perry presidency.

COMMENTARY | Texas GoWichita State iPhone 4 Casesv. Rick Perry, a Republican, has been spenNorthern Iowa iPhone 4s Casesding months on rustling raids onKansas State iPhone 4s Cases blue states such as CaTCU iPhone 4s Caseslifornia and Illinois to entice businesses to move to Texas. Now, according to Fred Barnes, he is about to embark on phase two.

Rick Perry Prepares for His National Political Comeback






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