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Although I have never struggled with writer's block,Argyle Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Cases, I recognize that it is a widespread and very problematic phenomenon. Last night, I actually spoke Humor iPhone 4 Caseswith an individual who is experiencingFruit Ninja iPhone 4 Cases challenges trying to write a book as a result of the fact that he frequently finds himself unable to conceptualize and/or articulate the ideas he wants to conMLB Nationals iPhone 4 Casesvey to his audience. Because I recognize how frustrating this can be, I would like to offer several strategies that can be used to end the ugly phenomenon of writer's block. Here are three: 1. Use Stream Of Consciousness. As many English majors like myself know, stream of consciousness isBrigham Young iPhone 4s Cases a literary device that involves depicting an individual's feelings and thoughts in the unstructured, natural way that they often transpire in the humHouston iPhone 4s Casesan mind. Rather thPersonalities iPhone 4 Casesan being orderly and rational,NHL Sharks Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Cases, our thoughBall State iPhone 4s Casest processes tend to flow out in various directions "like a river." If you are struggling with writer's block, you can make use of stream of consciousness by simply recording whatever thoughts come to mind. Once you have a variety of thoughts on paper, you can begin making sense of the words and structuring them into meaningful dialogues and/or descriptive narratives. 2. Develop A Recurring Motif Or Theme. This principle was of great help to me when I wrote my first book, Erudition. Because I wasn't quite sure where to start or how to fill in the gaps, I decided to begin each chapter with a reference to the natural elements. The first line was "The weather seems to be a warning." This principle of developing a recurring motif or theme can be very helpful in moments when you find yourself unable to construct and delineate a new idea. By simply building on the same idea and using new wNBA Atlanta Hawks iPhone 4 Casesords or concepts to articulate it, you can easily avoid writer's block. 3. Work On Two Projects Simultaneously. Working on two writing projects at the same time could be beneficial for those struggling with writer's block for several reasons. First, it enables you to shift gears when you experience writer's block so that you can work on a project in which your ideas are flowing freely. Additionally,SF Bay Area Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Cases, once your ideas begin to flow freely on one project, you may find yourself caught up in a lively, productive state of mind when you return to the project that gave you writer's block before. In discussing ways to overcome writer's block, Ginny Wiehardt notes that "Some writers find it helpful to switch back and forth fTennessee Martin iPhone 4 Casesrom one project to another. Whether this minimizes fear or boredom, or both, it seems to prevent writer's block for many people." Conclusion Although writer's block can be frustrating and limit your productivity, you donSeton Hall iPhone 4 Cases't have to let it inhibit your creative potential. By implementing the strategies I've listed above, you can make writer's block a thing of the past. Good luck!

Three Ways to Beat Writer's Block






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