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MLB Diamondbacks Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Case

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Butters,MLB Diamondbacks Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Cases, on the other hand, is oddly cJacksonville State iPhone 4 Casesomforted by thinking that the NSA is spying on him. He actually prays to the government thanking it for keeping a watchful eye over him and, incidentally, askiMarshall iPhone 4 Casesng for a puppy for Christmas. Then he founds a cult whose members go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and confesses their sins to the bored clerks. Afterwards tArizona State iPhone 4 Caseshey hold joyous ceremonies about being free of the burden of sin. This eventually goes horribly wrong as DMV bureaucrats get an uncontrollable desire to rape little boys (you may have to think about that one for a moment.)

'South Park' Targets the NSA, Paranoia, Government as God, Social Media, and Alec Baldwin

Cartman is, at first, seemingly paranoid Gonzaga iPhone 4s Casesabout the government knowing too much about him.North Texas iPhone 4 Cases But whAnimals iPhone 4 Casesen he actually somehow gets a job at the NSA, he finds out that the secret government agency could care less about him. This crushes him because it runs contrary to his sense of self absorption. CartmanNBA Portland Trailblazers iPhone 4 Cases really would like to be considered an enemy of the people, one step away from getting a bag put over his head and waking up at a CIA black site with a wet towel over his face.

"South Park" recently began its 17th Season and not a moment too soon. The episode, "Let Go, Let Gov" had on the menu,Rutgers Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Cases, the NSA, paranoia about being spied on, the tendency to vieCoastal Carolina iPhone 4s Casesw government as god, Alec BaGeorgetown iPhone 4s Casesldwin and the perils of social media.

It seems that Eric Cartman, the megalomaniac fatso, and Butters,MLB Orioles Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Cases, the wide eyed naïf, have different reactions to the belief that the NSA sees all and knows all.

The unkindest cut goes to Alec Baldwin who has founded his own social media network in which he can beam his thoughts to the Internet. Baldwin, as many people, has had a problem with buOklahoma iPhone 4s Casesrbling alarming things into cyberspace. Now that he can think without thinking, the new ability does not redound to his credit. No doubt there will be some harsh tweets about this episode.

Some spoilers follow.






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