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The Evil Beard comes full circle from Evil Spock on "Community." The pop cultured obJackson State iPhone 4s Casessessed Abed who is a referencing machine has figured out that a game of Yahtzee played in a single episode has created an alternative universe not unlike that which spawned Evil Spock and his Evil Beard in the first placBatman iPhone 4s Casese. Since the parallel Abed does not actually exist, the real Abed carries around a fake evil beard that can be applied to the face when necessary. What's more, since the parallel universe is also populated with evil version of all the other characters, Abed makes fake Evil Beards for them as well. Believe it or not, it actually makes pAlabama State iPhone 4 Caseserfect sense and works just fine within the reality of "Community."

In the episode where we get to witness the existence of a parallel universe, the mirror image of Mr. Spock sports facial that traces around his mouth. NBA Toronto Raptors iPhone 4s CasesYou may know this as a goatee or a Van Dyke or a soul patch or maybe even something else. You know what I'm talking about. This type of facial hair was longSeasonal iPhone 4 Cases sported by characters in movies that took place in the period stretching from the Medieval to the height of piracy and it was worn equally MLB Yankees iPhone 4 Casesoften by heroes as by villains. It may be saying too much to say that Evil Spock in his Van Dyke marks the beginning of this facial hair as a signifying of evil, but it is not stretching things beyond all belief. After all,Colorado Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Cases, the only notable physical difference between good and evil Spock is his facial hair,Ball State Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Cases, thus the Evil Beard. By significant way of contrast, when Riker showed up in season two of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" sporting a full beard, there was never any question that he had suddenly turned evil.


The Evolution of the Evil Beard on Television Characters

Walter White goes through a number of transformations on his way from butt monkey of the world to meth kingpin. Chemotherapy commences the process of hair loss, but remember that Walter chooses to shave his head. In addition to growing a distinctively short wick of patience with jerks, Walter grows an Evil Beard. Not exactly the replica of that which Evil Spock sports, but close enough. And even weirder, the color of Walter White's evil beard grows darker with age. Surely such a spit in the face of nature is a sign of malevolence uncontained.

Breaking Bad

Star Trek

"Futurama" gives the Evil BNBA Denver Nuggets iPhone 4s Caseseard character device a right proper tweaking. On two different aspects of the trope. For one thing, the robot who looks exactly like the regular character named Bender is equipped with a metal chin beardNBA Golden State Warriors iPhone 4s Cases that comes to a sharply villainous point. No mustache and no hair around the mouth. No hair at all,Northwestern State Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Cases, for that matter. Here is an evil beard devoid of hair. The second tweaking of the Evil Beard charSaint Johns iPhone 4 Casesacter device is that it turns out that FlTexas iPhone 4 Casesexo, the Bender lookalike with the evil metal beard is not the evil twin after all. Turns out that Bender was the evil one all along. If you know "Futurama" at all this is in no way a spoiler.


Wouldn't it be great if you could tell a person was evil simply by their facial hair? Television has developed shorthand for telegraphing the malevolence of characters--even characters who are normally the nicest guy in the room. When a character you have never seen before enters the story sporting a certain type of beard, you automatically know he's up to know good. It just makes things easier is all.






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