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Stability is important for children.

Permanency is the goal of the foster care system.

Children cannot be bounced around froVillanova iPhone 4 Casesm mother to mother, father to father, or family to family without suffering emotional stress. These moves can not only be hePolka Dots iPhone 4 Casesart breaking for children,Radford Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Cases, but it can also affectRice iPhone 4 Cases their ability to form healthy attachments later on in life. Child custody laws are designed to protect children from this harm.

DespiLeague Logos iPhone 4 Caseste howNHL Penguins iPhone 4s Cases many television movies show misunderstood birthparents showing up to claim their child yNHL Devils iPhone 4s Casesears later, this myth is simply not true! After a child is adopted,NBA Oklahoma City Thunder Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Cases, the birth parents lose all rights to that child. They can't even contact the child without your permission. There may be reasons for you to want to consider allowing contact, but it is never forced on you after adoption.

Myth: Birth Parents Can Claim the Child Years Later

The reality is that after a child is adopted they are legally no different than a person born to you. They are your responsibility and your privilege to raise. The only way Fresno State iPhone 4s Casescustody will be tHouston iPhone 4s Casesaken from you is abuse or neglect, not bureaucracy.

Getting the child out of transition mode and into a permanent home is always in the best interest of the child. The law does not take removing children from a home lightly. There has to be some form of physical or sexual abuse or neglect to take custody of a child. Investigators are highly trained and have seen it all. They may not always make perfect judgments, but it certainly isn't a rash decision. The same is true for moving a foster child. Case workers who are truly lWestern Illinois iPhone 4 Casesooking out for the best interest of the child are not going to move them from home to home without a very good reason and the proper transition time.

Adoption is permanent!

According to the Dave ThomCFL Stampeders iPhone 4s Casesas Foundation,Austin Peay State Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Cases, about 80 percent of those considering adoption are concerned about the most prevalent adoption myth in society: birth parents can show up and take the child back after adoption.






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