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Valley Presbyterian Hospital as a whole treated my daughter and me fair. They even provided a voucher for a free taxi riFlowers iPhone 4s Casesde home,School Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Cases, but John Rankin will always stand out in my memories as an exemplary medical doctor. He did not rush us out of hospital and made sure all injNBA Houston Rockets iPhone 4 Casesuries were thoroughly examined. Overall I rate Valley Presbyterian Hospital as a decent San Fernando valley hospital where emergency workers act quickly. However, the outstanding medical doctor's attentive care of it's patients is what makes Valley Presbyterian Hospital a center that I would recommend to my family and friends.

On August 24, 2013, my teenage daughter and I were getting dressed. I was planning on going to an audition for my first glamorous HollywUC Davis iPhone 4 Casesood star role. I heard a beeping noise and asked my daughter "Is that your cell phone?" and she responded with "no." We then assumed it was a fire alarm and thought maybe someone overcooked a meal and that it would turn off shortly. I thought to myself that perhaps someone actually started a fire, knowing my luck.

As I was about to leave, a different doctor by the name of John Rankin wanted to speak to me. Once he heard about how far I fell and how bad my back hurt, he decided to keep me in hospital longer. He gave instructions for a middle torso cat scan to be ran on me. Other staff may have questioned his orders, but I am truly happy to know that in a society that is constantly rushing, there are some doctors who truly care about their patients. Only after my torso scan showed no signs of internal injuries was I released from hospital.

My daughter later told me some people ran out of the building with no clothes on just wrapped in a small towel or in their underwear. Due to the crisis, I temporally lost my memory and did not remember calling my mother or how I got to a safe location. The police and EMTs arrived on the scene. My daughter told a police officer she felt ill. My daughter's chronic asthma was triggered by the smoke. The diligent EMT rushed us to the nearest hospital, Valley Presbyterian Hospital.

In a moments time I looked up and noticed black smoke rushing through the crack at the top of the door. Instantly all thougFresno State iPhone 4s Caseshts of plans for the day diminished, and I went into panic mode. I ran to phone and called the front desk of the motel and notified them of what was going on. The hotel front desk employee said,MLB Cardinals Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Cases, "We know and we already called the fire department." I dropped the phone, ran to the nearest window, and suddenly felt as if the world was in slow motion.

A woman was downstairs crying hysterically. I looked out the window to my right and a room on the same floor as me was on fire. I yelled to tNYU iPhone 4s Caseshe first person I NBA LA Clippers iPhone 4 Casessaw and asked "Is it a big fire?" The only response was: "Get out of the building." Little did I know, both sides of building were on fire.

The staff at the hospital saw us promptly. The first doctor was friendly and attentive to our concerns. The hospital staff gave my daughter oxygen and glued her bleeding wounds. Since I jumped from second story of building and hit my head hard,NBA San Antonio Spurs Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Cases, I was given a head cat scan. After a couple of hours, the hospital workerMaryland iPhone 4s Casess informed me that I had a concussion and a hip contusion. Staff at hospital then processed our paperwork and were ready to release us out of hospital.

Valley Presbyterian Hospital: A Surprising Review

I told my daughter to get dressed, because we were going to have to jump. I was frantic and had a difficult time sliding the window open. My daughter had to use her whole body weight to push it open. I then broke out the screen window and decided that I would go first. I did this so that I would be able to catch my daughter so she would not get hurt badly. I held on to the railing on the window as I tried to crawl doDePaul iPhone 4s Caseswn one side of building, but the railing broke and I fell backwards. My head hit the concrete hard and my vision was very blurry. My conscious made me get up. I had to get my daughter out, dizzy or not. I forced myself to get up.

As my daughter was about to jump, she realized that our hamster was still in room. She immediately ran and got Hammie. She threw him in a bag and slid him to me. Next she jumped. By God's grace we managed to get out building. I dropped my Xavier iPhone 4s Casescell phone, left a shoe behind and we ran through a gated pool area, confuYoungstown State iPhone 4 Casessed on how to get out of out of area. When we looked behind us we saw a fire worker on top of the building rescuing someone.






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