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Opening Your Meta Page in e107,Western Carolina Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Cases

Setting Up Your Meta Information in E107 When you start building and setting up your NBA San Antonio Spurs iPhone 4 Casesnew site with e107,Michigan State Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Cases, you will need to edit many things. One of the most iSnowflakes iPhone 4s Casesmportant things you will need to edit is the metal information for your site. The meta tags, description,Los Angeles Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Cases, and so on is how people will find you in the search engines. If you are not familiar with meta, take a look at this article for help. It will help you Eastern Kentucky iPhone 4s Casesset up your meta information in e107 so your site can be found in the search engines.

The first thing we will need to do is open the meta page in e107. You will need to be Utah iPhone 4 Casessigned in as the admin for MLB Rangers iPhone 4s Casesthis site before you can make any changes to the meta information. Once you have signed in as the admin, you will be presented with the main page of the admin panel. This page will have different icons to make working with your site easier on you. Find the Meta icon and click it. That will open the meta page in your browser.

Now that you have that page opened, you can begin filling in the meta information for your site. You will see a few different fields on this page. The first field is the description field. This is where you will enter a short description about your site. This is the description that will show up in the search engines.Marquette iPhone 4s Cases The next field is the keywords field. This is where you will need to enter some keywords about your site. It is good to have at least five keywords to describe your site.

Setting Up the Meta Information in e107

The next field is the copyright field. You will need to enter your site's copyright inKansas State iPhone 4s Casesformation in this field. The field after that is the author field. You can enter your name in this field. When you are finishSouth Florida iPhone 4 Casesed with theseJeff Dunham iPhone 4s Cases fields, go to the bottom of the page and click the Enter New MetOhio iPhone 4 Casesa Tags Settings button and your new meta information will be saved.






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