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Those who want whole eggs often choose to boil them in water on top of the stove. It is a classic method of preparation, but it is not necessarily the best. They can be baked unbroken in muffin tins or cracked and prepared in dYoungstown State iPhone 4 CaseselNBA Utah Jazz iPhone 4 Casesiciously seasoned edible bowls. Both methods are better than boiling. The peels come right off,Arkansas State Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Cases, and baking them is a breeze no matter which method you use. Give these easy ideas and instructions a try, and enjoy something delicious and different for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

How to Bake Whole Eggs in the Shell

Source: Food PreparationNew Mexico State iPhone 4s Cases Experience and Experimentation

Easy Instructions for Baking Whole Eggs in the Oven

If you love ketchup with your eggs, you will love this easy baked dish. Hollow out the inside of a large tomato, and save the inside for sauce. BNHL Canucks iPhone 4s Casesegin by coating the hollowed tomato with olive oil, and roast it in a 400-degree oven for about 30 minutes. Line the roasted tomato with a slice of mozzarella cheese, and crack a whole egg inside. Sprinkle the top with an ItMaine iPhone 4 Casesalian seasoning blend and freshly ground sea salt. Bake it for an additional ten minutes or until the egg is done to your liking. If you prefer a dish with some kick, add a few drops of hot sauce before serving. Baking in roasted whole tomatoes might just become your favorNHL Senators iPhone 4s Casesite wSaint Johns iPhone 4 Casesay to enjoy whole eggs.

Do youPop Culture iPhone 4 Cases love Portabella mushrooms? The caps can be used as edible bowlKentucky iPhone 4 Casess for baking whole eggs. While cleaning the mushroom caps, preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Crack one whole egg into each cap, and season them with freshly ground sea salt, black pepper and fresh or dried chives. Bake them for approximately 30 minutes, or until the eggs are set to your liking. If desired, top them with crisp crumbled bacon bits upon removing them from the oven. They are surprisingly filling and absolutely delicious.

Hollow Out Delicious Homegrown Tomatoes

Do not follow the most common instructions on Pinterest when baking whole eggs in the oven. The proper temperature is very important, and they should not come in direct contact with the muffin tin. Forget about everything that you have read on Pinterest,NHL Lightning Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Cases, and use these easy instructions instead. For starters, 325 degrees in the ideal temperature for baking whole eggs. If you oven might be off,Pittsburgh Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Cases, buy a temperature gauge, and figure out how to properly MLB Rays iPhone 4 Casesadjust it. Also, it is important to place a muffin tin liner in each cup before baking the eggs. Otherwise, they will end up with brown spots. Bake them at exactly 325 degrees for exactly 30 minutes. Immediately immerse them in ice water. Follow these tested instructions, and they should turn out perfect every time.

Consider Baking Them in Portabella Mushroom Caps






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