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Install Linoleum Flooring to Plywood to Create a Real Floor

Shop for a plastic outdoor playhouse and you will discover a limited number of color choices. Depending upon the brand, some are beige, pink and pastel green, and others are decorated in a combination of darker hues. Do not pass up a used one if it is in good condition. They can be easily painted and completely updated. Use these creative ways to spruce it up,Syracuse Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Cases, and make it look Wichita State iPhone 4 Casesand feel like a miniature home instead of an over-sized dollhouse.

Some plastic playhouses have floors,VMI Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Cases, and others do not. IFramingham iPhone 4 Casesf yours just sits on the lawn, deck or patio, spruce it up with real flooring. Attach a linoleum remnantFresno State iPhone 4s Cases to a piece of plywood to create a washable floor. It is a better choice than carpeting since it can be easily swept and cleaned as needed. It will look and feel more like a real home for your little girl or boy. It will become their favorite place to play and pretend with friends.

Use KrBrown iPhone 4 Casesylon Fusion Paint to Match the Colors of Your Home

Window treatments make a plastic playhouse look and feeGeorgia Southern iPhone 4s Casesl more like a home. Instead of using fabric that will end up ruined by wind, moisture and direct sunlight, use a heavy vinyl shower curtain. A single shower curtain can be trimmed to create two or three curtains for a plastic playhouse. They can be Marquette iPhone 4s Caseshung using plastic shower curtain hooks on spring tension cafe rod. TheyCFL Eskimos iPhone 4s Cases can be cut into two even pieces to create curtains that can be opened to let light shine in. They look great and work beautifully, and since they are made for use in the shower, they will not become damaged by moisture.

Creative Ways to Spruce Up an Outdoor Plastic Playhouse

Source: Advanced Crafting Experience

Hang Shower Curtain Window Treatments

Instead of settling for a playhNHL Panthers iPhone 4 Casesouse in pastel dinner mint colors,Coastal Carolina Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Cases, consider paintingGreek Letter iPhone 4 Cases it to match your home. Buy Krylon Fusion Paint in colors oPittsburg State iPhone 4 Casesf your choice along with blue painter's tape. Spruce up the siding, shutters and door. It will take several cans, but it is worth the expense. You will wish that it was as easy to update the exterior of your home.






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