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バーバリーロンドン Elementary nine

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Leian taken aback, but he until this world represents what a gold coin, a gold coin to buy a hundred pounds on a good stewed beef, three gold enough for a family of three civilians, food and clothing a month. One million gold coins, is definitely a very large number, no wonder parents are not with their mention this thing, that thing is not コーチ that families can afford to consume. Positive thinking, Qiang Wei has put the バーバリー 財布 メンズ round thing on the ground, readily tear the covering coach black velvet top. It was ten transparent crystal base with a large ball, crystal ball there are a lot of things like, sunlight down, the ball suddenly reflecting colorful light. This is the colorful Daimon ball ? Leian carefully looked at things, brow Wei Zhou, Daimon you can test this stuff ? Yes, I say it, really colorful Daimon ball !

Well, kids, just now, as lined up, ten in a row, one by one to the front of this グッチ アイコンリング colorful ball test Daimon Daimon grade ! Qiang Wei clapped her hands, directing the kids in line again. With the experience of the last line, the children more quickly バーバリー メンズ lined up. 've Seen seem to show off their colorful Daimon ball, Lin Hao this initiative lined up first place. Well, the first one over, put his hand on these colorful Daimon ball, release シャネル バッグ all the magic aura, so his uncle to see coach level. Qiang Wei Lin Hao directed a wave, motioned him to come over. Lin Hao グッチ メンズ is not timid, he came striding toward Qiang Wei, according to his demonstration that the hands are placed on colorful Daimon ball. Body gradually pouring red red magic aura Mans, ルイヴィトン キーケース Lin Hao Hands holding colorful ball Daimon students gradually changed. Originally released lattice transparent red light, one by one ヴィトン 激安 and so on.

Eight,coach, nine, children, with some effort, but also to re- light a lattice do ? Qiang Wei excited voice trembling, encouraged Lin Hao said. No...... not a ! Lin Hao head cropped fine beads of sweat, his arms shaking, Daimon ball above the red lattice gradually extinguished one by one down. Nine, nine elementary, Lin Hao, Elementary nine ! Qiang Wei excited almost jumped, shouted directed at the reviewing stand. Parade on stage, in addition to Luozhen ヴィトン バッグ 通販 Lin, Lei Yunfeng which eight centurion almost simultaneously stood up, looked incredible audience that somewhat obese children. Primary ninth order, but also a primary nine bands, there are only separated ヴィトン バッグ 激安 by two years of elementary nine Daimon fighters appeared, and now the kids really getting incredible ! Lei Yunfeng, who are all somewhat dumbfounded. Lin Fang is excited cried: son, the good kind, even to elementary nine, really terrible ah !

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