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バーバリー コート メンズ smiled and said

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Li Qiang nodded. Beijing is the capital of coach country, there's teaching, whether it is faculty, or hard バーバリー マフラー and soft conditions, the current must be excellent in here, how do you want to come to school here too ? Zhang Yan somewhat curiously. Li Qiang explained: レイバン parents busy business, no time to take care of レイバン レイバン レイバン uncle to come here to ルイヴィトン 財布 店舗 live. Besides, Shanghai 's education, but also very good ah. レイバン Fudan University is also preparing to test it. What is your uncle Sue Brother ? Zhang Yan quietly asked. She subconsciously believe that Wen Wanting Li Qiang called her husband 's uncle, Sue peace. Li Qiang shook his head. Zhang グッチ ベルト メンズ Yan 'Oh ' a cry, smiled and said: Xiaoqiang, we do not ask you a レイバン, you answer one, let 's just talk about something slightly relax, here from the East Middle School, estimated that there are ten minutes away yet. Li Qiang should be a sound, casually asked : Yes, warm aunt, how old are you ah.

I do not know directly ask a lady her age impolite it ? Li Qiang Zhang Yan looked watery Meimou muses, looking at his face depressed Li Qiang, funny saying : You Guess how old aunt ! Prizes guess what ? Li Qiang reflex direct blurted road. What do you want reward ah ? Li Qiang Zhang Yan looked バーバリー ストール deeply plump plump body one, the heart, and if you can let rayban hug or kiss, like...... ah レイバン good thought...... and バーバリー コート レディース so like a good bar and then tell your Aunt Zhang. Li Qiang meaningful said. Fast guess right, you have not guessed it...... began thinking about how to reward with Zhang aunt. Li Qiang and Zhang Yan 's date of birth is not clear, so you want to accurately tell a woman 's age, it is really difficult, so Li Qiang can only guess at random, and depends on luck. Zhang Yan chuckle loudly : Oh, you guessed wrong.

Li Qiang quickly said. Zhang Yan shook his head, smiled and said : You think you can guess it kid, the two did not even guess guess aunt 's age, a little stupid. 29-year- aunt, over 30 years to finish it. レイバン It was not stupid. レイバン But genius. Li Qiang unconvinced argued: レイバン 25, 26 year old グッチ アウトレット 公式 aunt guess, not too wrong again. Because aunt is this seemingly old ah. Guessed it guessed wrong, it is also irrational. Zhang Yan pretend happy to say, but my heart is very happy, Li Qiang, this is not what Bianzhuohuayang admire ルイヴィトン 通販 her look young...... this kid is actually very amusing people happy. レイバン Guess wrong reasons, not because your aunt...... ! Hey Li Qiang said with a バーバリー バッグ メンズ smile. Because...... レイバン ? Li Qiang nodded, muttering mouth say: Who aunt appearance looks so young. レイバン Guess aunt 's age, the young aunt are being fooled by the appearance of the...... !

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