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バーバリー 店舗 Chen Chu Jianshi is mind all pani

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Hong Li nodded バーバリーブルーレーベル side edges on the old saying : ugg to stay here to take care of his younger brother, ugg Shi Sanshu injury in the body, something 's not going to be able to make your own decision disturb ugg Shi Sanshu. ugg Have grown up, not to mention his brother is ugg only hurt so heavy, it should be some ugg served. Yes, baby obeyed. Hong Li respectfully. Shi Sandi ugg I do not need that kind Mahone this is not and ugg ugg dragging wounded body of Mahone has done more than enough, but also the good rest a little longer. Hong Li is not small, experience in life is not a bad thing. Fourth stopped to say nothing of his old thirteen, and turned to Pakistani and a visiting palace to hand over a dozen : Hong Zhou please you much bother, Hong Li has done wrong places please more guidance, Wang first thanked. A fourth to see such a hand, do not say Pakistani, and even the palace to a visiting more than グッチ 店舗 a dozen that are untenable, and brush bang one knee : Please Siye assured that I and so must fulfill the mission.

Chang Chun secret small courtyard, since Fang Bao took to the Kangxi Testament records, polish errands after every day to stay here to the palace the next key. Chang Chun is forbidden palace, Fang Bao naturally can not バーバリー 時計 レディース live here, but taking into louisvuitton 財布 account Testament Kangxi things too great, and gave ugg special purpose, and occasionally you can spend the night in the small courtyard. Chang Chun Fang Bao also known as Emperor Kangxi, it was the old thirteen memorials made ​​jittery ugg like the straw caught immediately Forum Search Chang Chun. Kangxi came into the den, he saw Fang Bao being fired off letters. Fang Bao also saw Kangxi came, pen down necessary グッチ アウトレット 公式 to salute the Kangxi Emperor Kangxi waved hands without much ceremony, the hides in the memorial グッチ アウトレット sleeve rope handed over : Fang Bao, ugg look at this. Fang Bao both hands, looked open at the beginning : ' Er Chen Yin Xiang, who robbed and killed by the details ' on Xinchan tremor, almost even Zhezi never predict with confidence.

Kangxi been watching Fang Bao, to see him close the memorial immediately asked. Yes, Wei Chen watching. Fang Bao side answer, while thinking about how to answer the next Kangxi questioning. Not allow him to think, ヴィトン 財布 Kangxi then asked : Tell me, how do you see this thing ugg ? This thing planned so carefully, so vicious act, think about chilling. Such ルイヴィトン 店舗 a big scene could be most people's handwriting ? Fang Bao was thinking mouth can not say that he had a slick playing : Chen Chu Jianshi is mind all panic, really can not believe that such a large Qing Dynasty actually a monstrous absurdity, robbed in broad daylight, someone dared Prince Huang Sun, fortunately Shisan ugg Yoshihito own day phase is unfortunately among the lucky. Fang Bao is to understand that the key to most things in Hong Zhou also landed him, he was absolutely silent, simply connect turquoise, Hong Li also refuses to talk about.

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