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PS: off more of the three days, although there are instructions in advance, but still felt a little sorry for you. This chapter eight thousand words to, two more tomorrow, next week will Fengming under the premise of guaranteeing quality as much more. Uh, late afternoon after arriving home did not spare how to rest, sleep for Fengming which fled also. Banging sound came too suddenly have to fight, it appeared as if out of thin air like so in the dilapidated temple in Los words both soft and warm Yat no time to respond adequately. Two is only just good physique hidden in a fight outside repair dilapidated temple who would chase an escape to an attack to come inside. Into a total of eight people who repair, the head being chased by repairs come dressed in a white robe wearing, fighting shenfa very elegant, self- cultivation is also very impressive, though was later rushed to wearing a black pattern with red clouds Wu gown to besiege the repair was embarrassed stature, and the decline of what is actually under the wind, if ルイヴィトン 財布 激安 not the other offensive act in harmony with this name by the strength of the desired white repair all broken レイバン is nothing difficult.

Retreat has been closed, white repair person had no option but sideways flash, avoid the other two swords cut, jump courtyard open for tour fighting with the enemy, and then wait for an opportunity to chart a way out. However, seven other people do not seem anxious to solve the white repair person, see trapped グッチ バッグ 激安 immediately after each other again combined into a drum -like siege formation, there バーバリープローサム are degrees of advance and retreat with those who fight wear white repair time. Chanel You have been surrounded, sensible to hurry equipment surrender, louis vuitton Majesty will look at your past friendship and princesses Shangrao you die ! A middle-aged repair person holding Broadsword shouted. Ray was suddenly lying on the roof of the Luo Yan Yat almost never a knock on the tiles rolled down. Say it, which obviously is you who Rendezvous conspiracy to chase all the ルイヴィトン アウトレット way, you kill a few who wore a white robe repair ? Wearing a white robe is Luo Yi made ​​a ? Wearing white robes they all slipped into the palace will be private princess ?

Compile a pretext to kill are compiled in such a rotten, louis vuitton how not to be dead ? Those that were white repair gas angrily cursed. Fury, had to cut out a record level of more than their own Jian Qi, the two Red Cloud dodge repair by cutting off his black robe arms fly out. Encirclement there was a バーバリー メンズ big gap exclusion, white eyes light up immediately repair person, you have to Zaishi Dunshu escape, the other five black robes weapons repair is one who rushed contraction encirclement, trying to repair those white グッチ バッグ 激安 block back. バーバリー ストール louis vuitton Can not move forward a few steps, a few underlying strength abruptly from day bombers came, louis vuitton including the other two have been injured, including full stun past. Say something you do not want to leave ? Settle seven people Luo Yan Yat jump back yard, icy road. Luo Yan Yi ヴィトン バッグ 人気 of the gas released from the sharp white amendments were instantly locked lived, massive coercion scared him cold sweat, had honestly returned from the foot of the wall next to the Luo Yan Yat respectful: next WONG Kai, thank you expert help solve.

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